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When you sponsor a dog at 4 Paws Sake, you help feed and care for him/her while in foster care.  You also further our education and rescue efforts.   You probably have a favorite dog you've seen on the web site - there are so many to choose from!

Your name will appear as a sponsor under the dog's picture and bio. If you wish for your contribution to remain anonymous, the name will not be added. Contributions may also be made in the form of a dedication ("in memory" or "in honor of,") 
and will be included on the web page if desired.   Just CLICK DONATE to the right.





RASCAL PETIE has been sponsored by Warren Vess & Pete Cottingham - Thank You!

​This one year old, miniature pincher is Rascal Petie. Rascal was found in a ditch on the side of the road after being hit by a car. Good Samaritans took him to Sylvania Vet where it was determined that his pelvis was broken and his hip dislocated. Rascal will require 4 to 6 weeks of complete cage rest in his foster home while his pelvis heals, and then will be neutered and have FHO surgery. Please welcome Rascal to 4 Paws Sake. We will begin accepting applications for this tough little man in a couple of weeks.

This little man's vet bills are quite extensive.  Would you like to sponsor Rascal too?

has been sponsored by the Lardinais family - Thank You!

Pepper is a 1 year old old Boxer/Retriever mix. Her mom was a full-bred boxer, but we're unsure about dad. Pepper gets along with everyone she meets. She fetches and brings back toys, balls, and a frisbee. I've seen her catch a frisbee in the air. She sits wonderfully, tuggles with anything, and is very loving. Pepper has been spayed, vaccinated and is housebroken.. Additional info: She is a fantastic, smart, and very loving dog. She has been in our program for almost a year. Pepper had some medical issues as a puppy. She was diagnosed at MSU with a ectopic ureter terminating in the urethra. We did opt to have surgery on her and the surgery significantly improved her incontinence. She is on a drug called Proin and DES to help her. When she lies down for long periods of time she may leave a quarter size wet spot. She may improve the older she gets or she may not, there are no guarantees.





Tank has been sponsored by Barb Wainer & Cathy Scott - Thank you!


Tank is a one year old boxer that was rescued from Wood County.  He is extremely emaciated and is currently in foster care getting some much needed TLC and several meals a day.  He will be in foster care for several weeks before he will be neutered and ready for adoption.







MAC has been sponsored by numerous caring people throughout our community - Thank you!

Mac was found wandering outside an office building in the Toledo area emaciated, limping, and with a horrific gaping wound around his neck (see photos). This wound was most likely the result of a deeply embedded collar that had either recently been removed or somehow broke, freeing him of the restraint that contained him. One of the people in the office contacted Robyn Sigler (a Northwest Ohio animal angel), and she and her husband went to see if they could help Mac. Robyn quickly determined that this dog needed immediate medical attention and she and Patrick rushed him to Sylvania Vet.

The medical team working on Mac said it was the worst embedded collar case they had ever seen, and urgently began tending to the gaping wound around his neck. Mac was given morphine and the tedious process of mending this broken dog began. At one point, Mac vomited and attempted to cover his mess with his nose and a nearby blanket, all the while continuing to be an extremely lovable dog in spite of the poking and prodding. He instantly won the hearts of the Sylvania Vet staff. Dr. Melanie basically had to sew Mac's neck back onto the rest of his body. It was also determined that an old injury had not healed correctly and Mac will need an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) to repair the damaged leg.

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